Start to finish code help for displaying a sensor


I’m wanting to add a few sensors/ features (for fun and experimentation) and have them display information on the cockpit. I can’t say I’m the best at writing code but am most definitely not a noob. I know arduino (C++) really well and Python (but single thread only). I have played with HTML and java enough to know how they work and tweek them if needed. My problem is the openROV source is so broken up I’m having a hard time figuring out where everything goes or is located. I want to be very clear in saying im not complaining in any way as it is a beautiful piece of work. I’m just not man enought tackel it. I have seen a few totorials but they never actually adjust the code just say look here or here and never from start to finish. Maybe I’m not finding the right ones though.

For instance if I want to add a temp probe (external) . Is there a tutorial to walking me though where all the areas i will have to manipulate the code are, and areas to be careful about? I have found a few but I still feel like I’m missing something.

If not I would gladly pay someone to hold a webinar with me where they code in a potentiometer and have it display in the cockpit. I know if your like me your time is worth money.

I also have some general questions about how the code runs so I know what the best way to implement the add-ons would be.

Thanks in advance for any feedback


Good evening , then I can answer your question in part . As studying the Arduino code I managed to put in several useful telemetry sensors for detections geophysicists and volcanologists , but still have not managed to create a page belonging to display these variables in real time. You know where I can enter a web page to view these graphics ?

Tonight I am sending you the procedure to insert a new sensor .


I apologise for keeping you waiting.
In this file , you must define the new module .
How it is structured code if comments or delete a module from this file the compiler ignores it.
So to respect the structure of the code is best if you define here the new form , so that it can be ruled out in case crash.
In this file , you must enter definitions for the operation of the new module.
In this file, declare the new data structure that you want to display on telemetry.
In this file, decide how the data output frequency , instill the end has two output functions of a 1 hz and the other of 10 Hz.
5)create a new .h file for the new module . I recommend you copy the h file of another module and replace only the mome form or add useful variables .
6)create a new .c file for the new module . I recommend you copy the .c files of another form and change the code while maintaining the structure of the listing.

carried out these operations , we proceed to compile going in cokpit , updates firmaware Arduino . Council to view the progress of the compilation to see any errors in the code .