SSH into Trident


I’m just starting to work with Trident and try to develop new functionalities. Thus, it would be very useful to be able to ssh into Trident both to understand its current implementation and develop the new functionalities.
Does anyone knows if this is possible and, if so, what are the default username, IP and password of Trident?


What kind of development do you want to do?

It’s easiest to SSH from your WiFi LAN after you go through the Maintenance -> Update to setup.
UN: rov

I’m using an insulated button magnet just behind the black area of the tether connector for quick bench testing instead of connecting the charger to get the Trident to turn on.

Hints :
/data/openrov/videos/sessions/* 0.mp4 1080p videos
Filezilla can download. Use the Cockpit App to delete because I don’t know if deleting outside of the app causes problems.

Development :
/opt/openrov/dds/* Trident is using RTI Connext DDS.
/opt/openrov/dds/types/v1 DDS *.idl data type declarations

Forum search: “DDS” - Jim_N’s Software Exploration - DDS * 1…4

I believe you’d have to use DDS to get any data from the Trident outside of using the OpenROV Android Cockpit App. So far, I haven’t seen any information from OpenROV about using their advertised WiFi payload interface.

Let us know how it goes.



Thank you! This is extremely helpful. I’m downloading all the 1080p videos via SSH now. That’s much more convenient than downloading to the controller, writing to an SD card and then copying to the PC.