Sr. Mechanical Designer Position Available at Sofar Ocean

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post about a new position that has opened up at Sofar Ocean that requires the kind of talent I think many people in this community would have.

This position as a Senior Mechanical Engineer will require excellent engineering creativity and problem solving, involving coming up with novel hardware solutions for how to monitor the ocean in ways and at scales that have never been done before.

To any ME (or mechanically minded) people here interested in professionally developing ocean exploration technology and want to be a part a team small enough to play a major role on for a mission big enough to matter, this job is for you.


@Eric_Stackpole Great to see this posting! I encourage anyone interested to apply. Sofar Ocean is doing great things for ocean observation. We hope to collaborate with them again soon!

To the community, apologies on the long belated posting, we’ve had a summer of interest, to say the least. Chesapeake Explorers is back in operation and will be posting episodes again soon as well as new progress on the remote monitoring capability that we’ve been doing here on the York River!

Best to all, and remember, we, as a marine loving community, have to keep the enthusiasm and outreach going to ensure that our environment is best protected, the sciencetific method is understood, and out technology us used more effectively. Don’t rely on the industry, though they are starting to make a difference, the community must push the grass roots efforts forward to make it last! Keep up the great work and where there’s a loss in an area, there’s also an opportunity!

Remember, keep making, keep questioning, and keep exploring!


Hey @GenovesaGuy I hear what you’re saying, and I should have posted earlier to describe what has been going on. When we merged to create Sofar, Trident sales were not doing very well and we were looking for ways to continue making ocean expiration tools that would allow the the business to be self-sustaining. Of course I agree that ocean-sensing buoys do not spark the same sense of wonder for exploration as ROVs, but they are able to make a huge difference in how we understand what the ocean is doing, and that’s something I think is important as well.

Since the merger, there’s been a lot of work going on build a strong business around ocean sensing technology and that’s had to be pretty internal, but the company has also been working on ways to get the community involved once again and even contribute to the types of technology available that can be useful for ROV and other exploration tool development. Whatever we do, we want to make sure it is built on a strong foundation, and that’s what we’re working toward.

I’ll try to post more as these things come together.


Thanks for the post @Jim_N and nice to hear from you as well. I totally agree about the importance (and power) of having a community built around an emerging technology. That certainly worked well for OpenROV and I think it will work for the broader field of marine exploration as well. I’ve been really proud to see that this forum has stayed up and running even through the changes because the people here have genuine interest and tremendous skill in developing the ways we may explore the ocean in the future.

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Have you considered collaboration with this community, as opposed to (or as well as) hiring?

I’ve built some amazing tech which wirelessly monitors ocean currents (total cost <$50!), and I’ve just worked out a reliable way to perform undersea wireless communications (about 5 meters range)…