Spring is coming to New England and its about time to dive!


Ice is melting, weather is in the low 40’s, it snowed for ten minutes and now the sun is shining brightly. Springtime in New England.

Who else in the Greater Boston area is dusting off their equipment this weekend? Personally, I have spent the winter examining ocean charts, marking interesting features that I want to explore this summer.

But, first things first, tomorrow I’m heading back to a small and somewhat remote quarry in Northshore MA. I want to explore how deep it is and what’s been thrown in over the years.

I was last there 2 years ago with my newly built 2.8 and promptly lost my vertical thrust prop and couldn’t submerge.

Time to make amends!

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So, this is the location of today’s (first of the season) dive:

There isn’t much google searchable information on this place.

A few local news articles and a very brief Wikipedia reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharpner's_Pond_Anti-Ballistic_Missile_Site

Haven’t found any reference to how deep they dug before abandoning the project.

Given the number of news references to swimming accidents over the decade I imagine the topography is unpredictable. It’ll be interesting to see.

Also hope to find some “lost” objects-- New England quarries are magnets for stuff.

We’ll hike in (Trident in on my back) 20 minutes or so, and search for good access to the water, no trees, brush etc. Google satellite view shows some really promising options around the pond.

Maybe I’ll find the propeller I lost 2 year ago…

Keeping my fingers crossed that we have good visibility this early in the season.



What a day.

Rov performed perfectly!

I have to remark on the startup workflow of the Trident compared to my 2.8… 2.8 took at a minimum 1hr to test on the bench for leaks. Then the pre-dive boot sequence was always fun. I had a list of workarounds and still sometimes…

Trident takes about 5 minutes.

No more long drives only to find out the system won’t boot.

Video duality is great.
Heads up goggles plug into the controller with HDMI so glare is not a problem,

Water quality was as good as it gets in a New England pond— estimated 10-12 feet.

Didn’t find anything too shocking but saw a lot. Videos to come.

I’m so happy!

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@ROVBrooke I’m down in RI and have been itching to get my Trident out all winter. I have a few projects lined up for this year that include checking out old wrecks in the bay, exploring sumps in caves in western MA, and exploring lost colonial mines in Connecticut. I look forward to seeing the videos from your adventures!


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I have been using mine during the winter. A few dives in Plymouth Harbor for the dredging project, Boston for a tug hull inspection, Boston for a dump scow inspection, Marina chain inspection in Beverly, MA.


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Weather looks really good on Saturday. I think I might trek up to Cape Anne to check out some dive sites that are particularly well suited to shore diving. Seems like they’d be perfect for Roving too.

I’ve been working on an accessory mounting system and hope to have it ready to test by Saturday. GoPro, lights and maybe even a system to help measure the scale of things I see.

I like the idea of diving with a purpose be it exploration or inspection. I should look into those themes more.



Hey Brooke I am lucky to have access to a boat. It would be advantageous possibly to have a second operator/ROV for checking things out that are NOT work. I have already paid for mine thru fees!! I am in Beverly, MA If you want to try and get the ROV’s together… shoot me an email. bertram33@aol.com Also there is a USCG NAV aid that collapsed this winter and I wanted to check it out (Inside of Bakers Island) PLUS there are usually a lot of seas in the area


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SEALS not seas :slight_smile:





That looks like an ideal platform to Rov from. I’ll drop you a note on your email shortly.



At long last-- here is the video from the weekend’s dive.
Full disclosure-- I have a lot to learn about iMovie, video editing, and now that I look at it-- I could use some work on spelling too. (Those who know me are not surprised by the last point.)

Feedback is more than welcome!

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As I think about it…If there are any other Trident operators in the area I would be willing to share the experience Share fuel or bring a cup of coffee!! Boat is 31’ and heated!

Drop an email!