Hi all,

OpenROV 263 made his first successful dive into a swimming pool!

Nevertheless, I noticed two last issues:

- The starboard motor is slower than the port one. Then the rov is not going straight... I have upgraded to the graupner propel with right and left propels. I really feel like the motors are not running at the same speed...

Do you have any idea of what can cause that difference?

- At some point, when the speed is too high, the cockpit crashes. The last voltage displayed shows a significant drop (from 7V to 10V). I guess the battery cannot provide the required current. Please note I am driving with the keyboard.

Is there any way to limit the maximum speed?

Thanks for your help.




The numbers 1-5 on the keyboard set throttle limits. It default to 2 if I recall, which is 20% of throttle. Go ahead and choose 1.