SPECIFICATIONS (OpenROV 2.8 kit): ESC units (3 units: one for each motor)



My college group project requires us to only use an arduino to control the motors
of the ROV but we need to also use the ESC units.

We are going to plug them directly to the arduino and the motors (and to the batteries for power supply) and need their specifications (of the small ESC
boards) or at least their input/output limitations.

Does anyone know where we can find these specifications?



Hey Karl,

It looks like from the GitHub repository (https://github.com/OpenROV) that these are Afro ESC 12amp. If you look through the software section as well, you can find the code that is used to drive them.




Hi Karl:

As Mike says, we use the Afro12 ESCs on the OpenROV controller board. If you buy them from HobbyKing, they will be set up to run in one direction only, so you’ll need to reflash them to make them reversible. HobbyKing sells a USB programmer stick for the AfroESCs that can do this. Around the lab here, if we’re playing with single ESCs, we normally use the KK-Multicopter software to re-flash ESCs. Here’s a guide that Brian made for using the KK Multicopter tool.



hi, i am confused about where to program the ESCs in the original code, is it in Thruster 2x1.cpp ?