Specification of the new imu/depthsensor


Can anyone share the link which contains specifications and detailed description about the new imu/depthsensor module?



Then Library files and .pdf




and finally the depth bit:



Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hi Vivek:

The new module that we’ll be introducing in the store soon uses some different parts than the current module. Assuming that the testing continues to be successful, the 9-axis sensor in the new module will be the Bosch BNO-055. We’ve been unhappy with a number of aspects of the Invensense MPU-9150, and the Bosch sensor appears to solve all the issues we’ve had.

The depth sensor on the new module will work down to 300m. We’re trying to move to components that will allow expanded capability for the ROV in the future.



Oh fantastic, thanks Walt. I’ll look into the dev library for the BNO-055.