Space Apps Recap


First things first: We won! Well, everyone won, really. It was a great weekend of hacking and it was great to see so many teams working on OpenROV related stuff around the world. (Here is the full list of OpenROV projects.)

Here are some videos of the projects:

1. Remote Internet Control
We've always talked about how cool it would be to be able to control an OpenROV from anywhere in the world over the internet. It happened this weekend, with a team in NY controlling an OpenROV here in SF. Next step is to get it in the water.

2. Remote Control using Leap Motion
Same thing, except using a Leap Motion device to control the ROV.

3. Leap Motion used to control Robot Arm.

Currently, many commercial ROVs use expensive sleeves for pilot to control manipulators. We thought we could do it using the Leap Motion technology. Here's a prototype using a servo-powered acrylic claw that Eric created on Saturday night.


That's really awesome! What code/tools did the NY team write to talk to the remote ROV?


I think all the code is online:

Also, we're going to continue to work with them. Looking like a Hangout next week. Want to join?