Some Questions


Hello guys , I have just got 2.5 Open ROV . for my University

the scope for this is to 1st build it normally then edit everything on it, hence its open source. (its my final year project)

Okay 1st question is after am done building the original package of the ROV. How do I control it ? do I need to get a controller or I can do it via a laptop ?

and also I would love to have some heads up on what do be careful on and some advises to make it work correctly so I can move on the next step.


Hey Apostolis,

All you need to control the ROV is a laptop computer. If you have a USB gamepad controller (like you might use for video games) you can plug that into your computer and if your are using Google Chrome as your web browser it should work to control the ROV as well.

The ROV hosts a web server onboard so you don't need any software on your laptop- just a modern web browser.

We're finishing up the latest bit of code that will work for v2.5 and that should be out shortly. Once you're ready to try it out, you'll just need a microSD card to write an image of the software too, then you can plug that into the BeagleBone in your ROV and you should be good to go.

Stay posted for updates on the software!