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Hi guys ,
I would buy a 2.8 Openrov, probably, this topic has already been addressed.

I have several experiences of purchases in the US, sometimes the goods was delivered to me after several months, blocked the customs office (italy).
Taking a squardo the web I found a Spanish site (, and buying them, I think it will avoid many shipping problems in the EU, the cost is clear is greater for rate and customs. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this site or a site related to Openrov.


Welcome to OpenROV!

The OpenROV HQ is very reliable with their shipping, but i can totally understand your feelings about the national import. I too had issues with customs etc. Your questions has already been addressed in this thread. The Spanish website is an authorized reseller of the OpenROV.

If you have any more questions, we are happy to help.


Don’t forget to compare prices ! There are huge differencies which are not understandable.


Hi, I’m responsible for the spanish website.

When it comes to pricing, the price in our website is 900€ + Spanish VAT, which is 21% = 1089€. We wanted to put the price at 899€ but this becomes 1087,79€ which is a bit of a pain when it gets to accounting. We do offer free shipping in Spain, and shipping a basic kit to Italy costs 30€ and normally takes 3-4 days.
OpenROV HQ is using FEDEX for shipping, so it is very reliable. We have shipped quite a lot by now and we have never had any issues. However, you will still have to pay Italian VAT, import dues and handling fee from Fedex. This will be charged upon delivery and they will not release the goods until you pay. All in all, when it gets to price you should come out more or less equal.
Our main value proposition is that we provide support in Spanish and to some extent, Italian. We can also offer proper invoicing iaw EU accounting regulations, which we have found is often a go / nogo for many public entities like Universities and so on. In addition, if you are a properly registered EU business, then intra-communitarian commerce does not have VAT (which is not an option if you are importing from outside the EU).
We also offer batteries and the cement / epoxy kit, which is a bit difficult or expensive to get in some countries.

I hope that clarifies any doubts regarding pricing.

Whether you by from HQ or Spain is normally a question of convenience. In any case we are looking forward to having you as part of our community of explorers and hackers :wink:


First of all, thank you all. There is a great spirit of collaboration is that I like. Thanks to Roy for the clarification. For me it was obvious that, on the price there was Openrov including VAT. . Fidex, in truth, is very fast in delivery and customs practices.
That said, I am the CEO of a company that works in IT, inscribed to the VIES (EU VAT Number). I wanted to bring into the company, Openrov for study. Personally I am a fan of deep diving and explorer of wrecks as well as passionate about technology.
Thank you anyway for all the great availability.


If the purchaser is inscribed in VIES then you should be able to benefit from VAT (and other taxes) shopping in our store.