[SOLVED] What should I do if i assembled one acrylic piece in a wrong direction


I had made a stupid mistake, i assembled one acrylic piece in a wrong direction and I am now having troubles in getting rid of the cement to save the situation…I have tried to heat it and then knife cutting, but it didn’t work…what should i do…


I did a mistake on my built too and there was no way I could properly remove the parts. The cement bound is way to strong. I completely broke my pieces while trying to get them apart. I am pretty sure you have to get new parts.

But don’t worry, its not hard. First idea (what i did), you can laser new parts on your own. Simply buy some acrylic sheets at a local workshop, usually depend on the size of the parts this is only a couple of euros/dollars. Then download the OpenROV Hardware laser files and show up at an Acrylic workshop or any other workshop with a laser cutter. Relasering some parts takes about 30 secs and the shop knows what to do! The new parts looked exactly like the original ones and so far everything works fine.

Secondly, you may contact OpenROV support with a description of the parts you need. I am sure they can make a good offer, the shipment however my take while.

If you can manage to get the parts apart, you should be aware that you need a flush fit in order to make a proper cement bound. I do not think this is possible with a surface that has already been solved by the cement before! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!


Thanks so much for your advice! I have solved the problem !


Thank you for reaching out to our support team.

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