[SOLVED] Updating Software via dashboard on OpenROV 2.7


Ok, I fixed my "startup problem.

Now, I’m in the OpenROV dashboard. I go to software and am attempting to update. Where is says “Updating package list (this takes a while)” it never completes. Below where it has Branches and “select branch”, that never populates. There is an error "Uh, there was a problem loading the branches! (“data”:"XMLParserError: Non-whitespace before tfirst tag.\nLine g\nColumn: 1nChar, etc…“Internal Server Error”)

I’m able to login to the rov so if you have update suggestions from the command line, that might help.




There were bugs in the early version of the internet updates. Once you have upgraded to the 30.0.3 version, internet updates should be be working for future releases.

For now you are going to have to use a microSD card. Here are the instructions for the update process.

Hope this helps and we apologize for the confusion.

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