[SOLVED] Trident with 100m tether, does it also come with the 25m?



I have preordered a Trident with Hard Case and 100m Tether. I was wondering if the 25m tether is also included?

As you write on your web page 25m is in many cases enough, and will probably be within the depth I will use the Trident most. But when it has possibility to go down to 100m, I want that option. At the same time it will be a big hassle to have a 100m tether in shallow water.

I will be using it both in fresh water and sea water, I live on the coast of Norway and have plenty of both. There are a lot of lakes in the mountains around me, and for most of them no one has ever looked at the bottom. So I am quite exited to start exploring



The 100m tether is an additional add-on to your order. You will also receive the 25m tether that comes standard with the vehicle.

We can’t wait to get Trident into your hands so you can start exploring!


When are we able to pay for the case & tether upgrade? I dont want to miss out


We have an FAQ section on our website which covers many of the common questions about pre-orders.

How can I add an extra tether and/or a carry case to my pre-order?
If we haven’t charged your credit card already, it’s easy–just email support@openrov.com. We will adjust your order and send you an email confirmation.

If we have already charged your card don’t worry, we will offer the option to upgrade prior to shipping. These items may arrive separately from the original pre-order.


Hi Oddgeir,

What parts of Norway will you be exploring? :slight_smile: I’m in the exact same situation, and I’m glad to hear it comes with both tethers (I thought it was just the 100m, actually). I have access to Oslo and surroundings, but will also be looking at areas in Hardanger. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the ROV!



Hi Ketil
It will be mostly around Ålesund, Sunmøre in the begining. The most intresting dives will probably be in the sea, and the possibility to go down to 100m is quite exiting. I am also thinking abut exploring the lakes in the mountans. These places are not so easy to go to with normal scubagear, so there can be interesting things that noone knows about.


hi all
I think 110m tethers will be more appropriate to dive to 100m :anchor:

It could be nice to plug de 100m with de 25m :stuck_out_tongue: