[SOLVED] Trident 1080 video- Where is it?


I updarted my trident to latest firmware and have been seeing other forum posts mentioning 1080 video with the latest trident frimware update. When I export my recorded videos, all are 1280x720 which is a little disappointing. My question is where is the 1080 video stored and how do I access?


If you’ve got the latest vehicle software AND app you should be able to export your 1080p videos from the past dives screen in accordance with this video.

Are you able to find it?


Ok Got it now. I had updated the ROV but not Open Rov Cockpit which is where the fault was.


Glad it was something easy! Looking forward to seeing some great videos!

Good luck. If you get stuck on anything, emailing support@openrov.com generally gets an answer quicker than here (but here is also good!).



Having had DJI Drones for a few years I should probably assume that there are software updates to both pieces of the system, controller and vehicle.

Because of the Hurricane in the Carolinas we’re down for a while here. The sea conditions are shit and will continue to be that way for 5 or 6 days to come.


This clip is from last week shot about 8 miles south of Brooklyn just off the Jersey shore. There is a lot of Menhaden in the water being pursued by whales.