[SOLVED] Tagus1 lost its thruster shrouds and propeller



Behind a bit on our updates, but we completed part 2 of our dive at the reservoir;
searching for lost building foundations…but not without a few hiccups

The short of it is that at the very end of our dive we got hung up in some foundation stones
which broke off both thruster shrouds as well as the port propeller. I recovered the rov by
pulling back on our tether poly rope and as it sat in the water outside the boat, I powered the thrusters to
reverse, I saw the prop spin off into the depths. It had cracked where it was epoxied and
must have been hanging on very lightly to the shaft, the reverse walked it right off…:frowning:

So I need to order a replacement port propeller, as well as replacement shrouds…
Where can I order these? I see in the OpenROV “store” they do not list props for the 2.6 kit and
no shrouds.



I think we got this all taken care of through our support channel.

For other people’s reference the parts can be found on the BOM (make sure to select the 2.6 tab).

Happy exploring!



Thanks for the quick turnaround!  Replacement arrived today, I'll get Tagus1 back in the water by the weekend!!