[solved] Starboard engine wont go forward


 I am working on an ROV in school. When I calibrated the ESCs, the starboard motor didn't spin after I moved its slider to -1 in the diagnostics panel. I then checked how the motors ran, and had to reverse all of them. Now the starboard motor will run backwards fine, but when I attempt to go forward or to the left, it stops. the port and vertical motors are fine though. I switched the D6 and D8 ESC plugs (I have no idea whether or not it was relevant) and the only difference was that when turning, left and right switched. the starboard motor still wouldn't go forward. I don't know if its connection or programming, but I checked over the ESC programming and calibration twice.


what version of the software are you running?

Did you manually reprogram or do you have a programmer box to validate the esc settings?


I am using v2.6 ROV with the v2.5.1 ROV SD card image. I just finished replacing the starboard ESC with another one and am going to see if it works any better. Also, I programmed the ESCs manually I think, I used the reset button and switch, No programmer box.


Okay, after replacing the ESC and recalibrating all the motors, it works fine.

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