[solved] Sometimes only Port motor operates



I’m making progress with the build (which is great fun btw) and I have the electronics together. I can connect the cockpit and the video looks great. Lasers, lights and servo work, although servo sometimes sounds like it is stuck.

But my main problem is the motors. Sometimes they work but mostly they don’t. The Port motor always works going forward. Often neither work in reverse. Is there some magic trick to reset them? I know it works sometimes. I’m trying to catch-up on past issues but its unclear how the ESCs get programmed in the 2.7 build. I think it is automatic. Does it happen every time the BBB reboots?

thanks for any help



Check out the work around here Chris:

If is also fixed in the BETA:


Ok, I will have a look at both of those.

Just so I am clear, the BBB in my 2.7 kit has a sticker saying “flash-2.5.1-34”. Is that the same as 2.5.1-final? I just want to understand what I have in the flash.

I have not yet experimented with an SD card. I hope to be able to create one soon so that I can try a new version of the software.


No. The version that shipped was slightly earlier than the final, but the issue with the motors is in both versions.


Ok, many thanks.

The work around above “fixed” the issue. So it looks good.

As I understand it, I can also put a later development version on an SD card and use that. If I have problems, then I can pull the card and default back to the “stable” version in the flash. I’m going to try that and see how it goes.



I Chris. I had a very similar problem with my v2.6 OpenROV after I updated to the 2.5.1 Cockpit software. If you boot up the ROV and connect to the Cockpit, then open the Diagnostics window, then click on the arrow to close the diagnostics window, this action appears to resolve the thruster control issue. (per the forum post - OpenROV-ROV-Suite 2.5.1 Final Errants OpenROV-ROV-Suite 2.5.1 Final Errants)

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