[SOLVED] Snap Ring broke on thruster shaft. Where to buy replacement?


My OpenROV v2.8 started spinning in circles while trying to move forward. Upon initial inspection the port motor was frozen. After further inspection i was able to pull the propellor unit housing with magnets and shaft off. The snap ring had broken in two and were stuck to the magnets binding the motor. I think this motor is salvageable, just need to know where to find this size of snap ring for the shaft.


Hi SSansoy,

It is very uncommon, but this sometimes happens with snap rings on stock DST-700 motors. You can remove the broken metal E-clip with tweezers or needle nose pliers from inside the motor casing. Here at OpenROV we use McMaster Carr’s online store to get precision items delivered to us. We never buy E-clips since they come with our motors, but a standard M3 E-clip should do the trick.
In the meanwhile, you should be able to operate the motor without the snap rings, so long as you do not use the reverse thrust settings at high power. Forward thrust will propel the motor casing into the motor bushing, whereas a reverse thrust will do the opposite.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the info! I was able to get the motor spinning again after removing the metal fragments.
Love McMasterCarr and will order these rings.
Also ordered another set of motors from your shop as the price is just right!
Thanks for an amazing system and looking forward to the Trident !


Awesome! Glad you got it sorted out. We are working tirelessly to keep our store running while getting Trident into production, so we are very excited too!

Nima Torabi
OpenROV Engineer

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