[Solved] Shipping Status of Trident


Has anyone actually received a Trident? I paid for mine about 18 months ago and have heard NOTHING since then, and I am running out of patience. Are they being built? Delivered? Or is this another scam? Some sort of update about manufacturing/shipping schedules would seem to be a minimum requirement. ANY update would be appreciated, and sorry if I sound frustrated but I am.


Hey DK.

Zack from OpenROV here. Your frustration is completely understandable.Let me take the time to give a complete answer. Apologies if it seems long or contains information you already know–I just don’t want to miss anything.

Your first statement says that you haven’t heard anything–this is troubling. I’m worried that you aren’t getting our regular updates. Every month, Eric writes a comprehensive update on the status of Trident development. If you are a kickstarter backer these can be found here:

You should also be receiving these updates via email if you have that enabled on your kickstarter account by going here and enabling notifications on your profile:

If you are a pre-order customer these updates are posted on the blog a few days later. There is usually no difference in the updates other than a few dates/direct addresses. You can find that here:

Also, at the same time, if you have pre-ordered you should be receiving an email from us on the email that was used to place the order. These emails have the blog post in line. If you are not receiving these emails you should email us right away so we can fix that: support@openrov.com.

Now to your next question: Are they being built? Are they shipping? I’m happy to say yes on both. We have currently shipped units to about 2/3s of our beta testing volunteers and are pushing hard to get the next batch out which will include some kickstarter backers. It’s still a long road ahead as we start fulfilling the backer/pre-order queue. It is starting now and running through to the summer. Most of the folks out there have already received a shipping estimate, so try checking the email inbox you placed the order or backed the kickstarter with to see if you have an direct email from support in your spam filter. If there’s nothing there, please reach out to us at support@openrov.com over email and we will find your order and it’s associated shipping estimate. We are also on hand to answer any and all questions (if we know the answer) about our development, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Sorry that you have been left alone in the woods on this and I hope we can fix that right away.

All the best,


I received my Trident on march 14th, the JXD controller arrived 2 days earlier.
As I was an early backer on Kickstarter (2015), I waited longer than you… but believe me its worth it!


Yes, I have received my Trident and it has been well worth the wait. See a rather boring video of the test dive in our pool here after waiting more than three weeks due to other committments.

Let the journey continue…


My timeline:

Ordered October 2016
Credit card charged January 2018
Trident, 25 meter tether, and hard case received May 2018


A buddy and I chipped in for a buddy pack consisting of two Tridents, complete with the adventure (?) add-on with the hard case and 100m tether. We paid late 2015, and were expecting delivery late 2016. I received them last week, but tether was in short supply so I’m receiving the 100m tether in a few weeks.

The Trident has received a lot of work, upgrades and improvements since the Kickstarter, so while it took almost three years the specs are better than initially expected, and the unit seems really solid. I’ve only done two dives, it was fun but I mainly consider them flying practice.


Zack: Somewhere along the line my notification re delivery date have stopped coming! Can you give me delivery date now? The last notification for my delivery was last Sept. What is the date now. George DeSchryver gdsffpm@tampabay.rr.com gdsffpm@gmail Please reply to both email addresses.


Let me take a look with you. I don’t have access to the fulfillment list directly but we can figure it out pretty quickly. Look for an email from zack@openrov.com



I noticed that this forum post didn’t get a response. It’s not the most closely monitored channel. Have you tried sending an email to support@openrov.com? From your post it seems like you have everything except the Trident…sounds very strange and definitely not intentional.