[SOLVED] Question about proportional control



Hi, have a 2 questions about the control method with the openROV 2.8 electronics.

Are the thrusters proportionally controlled? I ask because i see you can use the keyboard (which wouldn’t be proportional)and any time i see someone use the game controller they always have the stick pinned. might just be the videos i can find that show that.

From what I understand there is a power setting. bottom left on the GUI. Can someone give me more clarity on how that works and its range? It looks like we can adjust max power from 1 - 9 maybe.?

Thanks for your input. I’m planning a build where I use all the openROV electronics but what to know for sure what I’m getting into.


The thrusters are proportionally controlled when using a gamepad, though I must admit I also have the tendancy of pinning the sticks a bit myself (though I am typically only using thrust level 2).

There is also a bit of slewing of the thrust that occurs in the firmware to smooth out the throttle response which may provide a some measure of proportional control when using the keyboard (I have only ever used the gamepad for controlling the ROV in the water so I am not sure if this has a significant impact).

The requested motor drive is then modulated by the 5 power levels corresponding to 12%, 25% 40%, 75% and 100% thrust factor.

So basically if you have the stick half way at power level 3 the motor will be driven at ~20% of the maximim speed.



Thank you for the detailed response! just what I needed to know