[solved] Problem with uploading new arduino software




I have just installed the OpenROV suite V2.5.1 onto my ROV.
Now I am trying to upload a new arduino code onto the board as well with a few changes in the code, just to get a feeling of how to change the Arduino code. I am trying to do so via the “upload arduino software from SD card” tool in the settings in the cockpit of the ROV.
The upload seems to be working fine, however, once it’s done and the system has rebooted, nothing seems to have changed.

So, I am just wondering what I am doing wrong here. Any help is appreciated.



What are you expecting will change? You are doing the right steps for loading the firmware on the arduino. That step takes the source code for the Arduino that is in the /opt/openrov/arduino/openrov/OpenROV folder on the SD, compiles it, and moves it to the Arduino. This is necessary because changes to the 2.5.1 software requires updates in the Arduino firmware, the outcome of which should be things just work.
There is a hash tag that is unique to the version of the Arduino firmware that is viewable In the telemetry pane. I don’t remember off hand what the hash of the firmware that matches 2.5.1-final is, but if you want to confirm that it is loaded let me know and I will dig that hash up.


Ok. I am using the 2.5.1 software that applies itself to the flash memory of the BBB. Once the software was applied I took the SD card out of the BBB and formatted it, so it doesn’t apply itself again to BBB when I put it in the reader to upload arduino software.
Am I right, that the Arduino code is now in the /opt/openrov/arduino/openrov/OpenROV on the BBBs flash memory? How can I change the Software in this folder? I can connect to it via network share and read all the files. However, when I try to change/delete/apply new files it just tells me that I don’t have the necessary permissions.


You are correct. I don’t recall off hand an issue with making changes over the network as you are describing… so I’ll need to look in to that.

In the meantime, you can ssh on to the beaglebone and from there you can change to the directory that has the arduino files and use sudo pico <name of file> to open a text editor on the beaglebone that will allow you to change the files. Not as clean as being able to connect over the network and use your favorite text editor but it will get the job done.



Alright. ssh onto the beaglebone and using sudo pico to change files works just fine. However, regardless of via network share or ssh, I cannot delete files or copy new ones onto the memory.


If your comfortable doing some command-line work on the beaglebone, you can manualy change the permissions on the files so that you can update them over the network or locally.

lets say you want to work with files anywhere under /opt/openrov/arduino/openrov/OpenROV

You would use the command:
sudo chmod 777 /opt/openrov/arduino/openrov/OpenROV

Which will change the permissions so that anyone can do anything to the files.

How to compile arduino code on Arduino IDE

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I am able to delete, change and upload new files.

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