[SOLVED] OpenROV Image build #35 of master is DOA



Hey everyone,

Just a FYI that we are troubleshooting an issue with the automatic image build system. Looks like our image is low on space. Build #35 which is the most recent off of the build server does not actually work as key packages failed to install. I'll update this post when the issue is cleared.



does this also has effect on the auto update via update.sh

i wasn't able to update by the shell script. It stuck and asked me if an specific value should be set back to its previous value. I had to confirm with "y/n" and did with "y" --> then the connection broke.


Okay. The continuous builds seem to be working again. Latest release can be found here.


Can't tell without some more information. Suggest you open a new topic on the issue and include the screen capture.

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