[SOLVED] OpenROV 2.8 Build - Part Question


Hello, this is my first post. Hope it’s in the right place (didn’t see an OpenROV 2.8 category).

Just finishing up the Acrylic Cementing Guide and things have gone swimmingly so far.

In step 31, the image shows a total of 6 medium sized disks with a center hole. I have exactly 6 disks that size, but 2 of them do not have center holes - rather 2 offset holes.

Should I just go ahead and drill these 2? Did I lose some pieces?



Welcome to the forum!

The ones with the offset holes are used in a later part of the build so you will need to keep those.

Please contact our support team and we can get those disks in the mail to you.


Thanks Brian - I’ve submitted the request to support.