[SOLVED] OpenROV 2.8: Acrylic parts don't slot in properly?




I have just started putting the main structure together and am currently stuck on Step 11 of Guide 1.

The bottom of the structure doesn’t seem to fit into the allocated slot as it should…

I have tried to force it in and this resulted in the vertical part becoming tilted, and is no longer perpendicular to the bottom/flat surface.

Has anyone else experienced this or have I missed something?

Thanks in advance,




Are you sure that you seated and aligned the extension correctly to the handle slot in Step 7 of Guide 1?

If you did not get the extension seated correctly in the handle slot then it will be sticking out too far from the handle to be able to get the handle to mate with the bottom plate and align correctly with the motor mount plate.




Thank you for your response, with some force I have managed to adjust the handle slot and have pushed it further onto the plate as shown on step 6! It now fits perfectly, thank you!



@TCIII thanks for answering this question! It is always wonderful seeing community members helping other community members :slight_smile:

@fionachong104 glad to hear that you got this solved :slight_smile:



Thanks for the compliment, always glad to help where I can,

I have access to the OpenROV 2.8 acrylic laser cutting files and I was able to identify the Handle from the Main Structure File but I could not identify the extension from the Handle to the Motor Mount plate. Can you tell me the name of the part for future reference?



This is the “Vert Motor Mount”