[SOLVED] New 2.8 build-- Starboard Battery Tube replacement and nearterm bypass


Well, the new 2.8 build is going relatively well. Thought, this morning I realized too late that I cemented my battery end cap terminal acrylic to the wrong end of the starboard tube.

I’ve ordered replacement battery tubes but figure it will take a while for the order to arrive.

I want to continue with the build-- getting to the point where I hook up the computer and start running the motors etc. Question for the community-- If I only put batteries in one tube will the thrusters work?

Would I need to close the circuit on the bad tube or do I need to rig the batteries outside the bad tube?

Any other thoughts or concerns?

Many thanks,


Glad to hear that things are going relatively well. I am sorry to hear about the error.

The battery tubes are wired in parallel to the controller board so you are able to power the system off of just one battery tube. No need to rig anything to the bad tube.

Since you only have half of the current available it is best not to run the motors too hard, but everything should be fine to test the system out of water.


HI Brian,
That’s the answer I was hoping for.
I’m charging a set of 3 batteries now and will try to fire up the systems later this afternoon!

As for the error-- Well, in retrospect I was just being hasty trying to get one more thing done… good lesson.

I’m going to go back and double-check my wiring while the batteries charge!


Good luck with the first system power up! That is an exciting moment in the build process.

When you do get the other battery tube built up, make sure that you fully charge all of the batteries (in both tubes) before turning on the system to avoid unbalanced voltages in the two tubes.


Brian, I do have another question for you.

I have the HD Camera upgrade installed but on boot up-- no video.

I followed the HD Camera Upgrade instructions including the SW upgrade which provided me with IMU that I didn’t have before.

Lasers turn on and off. Camera Board Lights turn on and off.

But, I’ve not seen any video.

I read in older posts that without enough battery power sometimes the camera won’t start.
Do you think that might be the case here?

Other thoughts?


If you are using batteries that you purchased from us, you should have enough power (even with only one tube) to power everything up, including the camera.

A couple of questions:

  1. What type of batteries are you using to run the system?

  2. What is your computer setup?

  3. Have you tried turning everything off and back on again (depending on the computer configuration and the software image you have the video may not come on the first time and require a power cycle of the ROV)?

If this video problem persists my recommendation would be to upgrade the software to the latest release candidate for the 31.0.0 image (basically an updated version of the DEV image that came with the camera).

You can find the software image on the first link of this forum post. Etcher is a great tool to burn the image to the microSD card. Once you have the new image on the microSD card you can put this back in the BeagleBone Black on the ROV and then power the system on. This version has a number of tweaks in it (a number related to camera stability for the Pro Camera-HD).


Hi Brian-- great news! The update worked and video is streaming!

To answer the other questions, I have OpenROV sourced upgraded Batteries, and an Intel powered Laptop running Windows 10 connected by Ethernet and USD to the controller box.

Next step-- learn the controls.

Very exciting!

Many thanks.


That is great to hear!

I am glad you have things up and running. Let us know if there is anything else that comes up.