[solved] My OpenROV v2.7 not booting up




I was having connection issue to my OpenROV v2.7 that I just finished assembling this weekend. I suspected that it was the Black Beagle Bone board that was causing the problem. So, I programmed the Black Beagle Bone board with the software build that I found in (http://www.openrov.com/products/2-7.html). I programmed the software successfully to the Beagle Bone board. I managed to get to the cockpit through the web browser with the software build that I programmed in to the eMMC flash on the Black Beagle Bone flash. When I reattached the Black Beagle Bone board to the Arduino Controller board and power up my ROV, I didn’t see the Black Beagle Bone board boot up at all. I didn’t see blue LED on the Black Beagle Bone board lit up even after I waited over a few minutes. Could it be that the Arduino Controller board is not compatible with the software build from http://www.openrov.com/products/2-7.html. If so, how can I update the Arduino Controller board. My Black Beagle Bone board is not booting up while attached to the Arduino Controller board. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


The beagle bone’s ability to boot up is completely independent of the Arduino. So if everything is connected correctly, the beaglebone should power up regardless of the Arduino code version.

Starting with the basics:

  1. Are you running off of charged batteries?
  2. Are the lights on the controllerboard coming on?
  3. Is the beaglebone plugged in the right way?


I see. Thanks for your comments badevguru. Before I flashed my Black Beagle Bone Board with the OpenROV-flash-2.5.1-39.img, I was able to see the blue LEDs on the Blue Beagle Bone board and the lasers lit up as soon as I plug in the USB cable from my computer to the topside electronics box. After I did the flash to the Black Beagle Bone board, I saw the blue LEDs on my Beagle Bone Board lit up for a couple seconds and never came back on, and the laser light never lit up. Everything was connected the same way as before. The only light that stayed on was the LED1 on the Arduino micro controller. I could hear a humming sound from the servo when I put my ear close to the robot. So, the only delta here is the image on the Black Beagle Bone flash.

At this point, I haven’t received my battery chargers yet. So, it is very likely that my batteries are out of juice. I thought the batteries were only used to power the motors. Is it true that the batteries are also used to power the Black Beagle Bone board too? Thanks again for your comments.


Yep. The controllerboard powers the beaglebone.


You are right. It was the battery that caused the boot-up problem. I finally got everything working, but not without going through some more headaches. It turns out that my connection issue to the ROV cockpit via the Chrome web browser was caused by several things:

  1. I have VMWare installed in my computer. The VMWare software assigned an IP address of to one of its virtual network card. So, when I attempted to connect to the web browser via, it was trying to communicate with the virtual network card rather than with the Black Beagle Bone. To resolve this matter, disable the virtual network card or assign a different IP address to the virtual network card.

  2. I have several sets of Powerline Ethernet Adapter already running in my house, before I got this ROV v2.7 kit. I learned that having several sets of Powerline Ethernet Adapter somehow caused confusion to the Tenda P200 Adapter in the ROV. So, when I try to ping it from the command prompt, it will say “destination unreachable”. To resolve this matter, I disabled the other Powerline Ethernet Adapters that were already running in my house.

So, once I disabled the other Powerline Ethernet Adapters and the virtual network card, I was finally able to connect to the OpenROV cockpit via the Chrome web browser. :slight_smile:

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