[solved] Max volts the main board can handle



I'm building a slightly larger version of the OPENROV.

I'm using the standard electronics but with beefed up ESCs to run the new motors.

I also want to use 2x 3S1P 8000mah 30C Li-poly Batteries in parallel, which will give me a voltage on the system of 11.1V.

The batteries will be attached to the ROV so there will not be any issues with voltage drop from tether.

My question is, I know the current set up is for 9v, will the board handle the increased load or do I need to run a voltage reducer to drop it to 9v and then run separate power to the ESCs?







The controller board will handle the added voltage with no problem. Back when we ran off of TrustFire LiMnNi cells, it was running at 11-12V all the time. I designed it to be able to handle a 4S lithium cell configuration (16.8V max), though I don't believe we've ever done any testing at that voltage.

I would be more concerned about making sure you don't push too much current through the controller board. It is set up to handle about 20A maximum (10A through each battery channel), and even that is pushing some of the existing components pretty hard. If you're going to build a bigger ROV with higher current draw, you should probably figure out a way to buss battery voltage separately to the ESCs, off of the current controller board and its DB-25 connector.

This will inevitably lead to a cascade of other changes, but such is the price of being a pioneer :-)

Once you've finished your design, make sure you post photos of it here for us all to see.




Thanks for the feed back. I think it should not be to much of a problem to add an extra bus for the ESCs and then just run the controls for the ESCs through the board.

I'm hopefully going to start assembling the ROV this weekend, I'll post designs and pictures as soon as I can.


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