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Hi All,

quick question. I get the enclosed image on my scrfeen now when I fire up my ROV. ie I dont get the cameras image on the gui. The camera works, have changed it with another one just to be sure. Occasional (well actually very spasmodically now) I can get the image back on line by clicking in the "photos" section and randomly clicking in the box that shows up. There is no words or anything in there though. Its gotr to the stage now though that I can not get the image back at all now. I have a gut feeling this is really just a simple, "click this box" fix but I cant find the box anywhere. Any ideas

Thanks all



Did you mean to attach an image?


Hi David, it should be in the doc1.docx file at the top of the email. Your not seeing it? Also a bit mor einfo. If I go into the diagnostics window and recalibrate the depth sensor and play with the motors and then close the window the image from the camera comes on. Must have some gremlins in the system :-)




Hi Jamie:

Depending upon which version of software you're running, there's a known bug where sometimes the camera will lock up, but for some crazy reason pushing the button to zero the depth sensor will clear it. For now, just zero your depth sensor if that happens.

I believe this issue has been fixed in the Github code, so the next release of OROV software will fix it.



cool, thanks mate.

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