[SOLVED] Firmware Problem



We are having issues with uploading the software for the OpenROV 2.6. When we try to upload the firmware to the controller board from the cockpit, it would freeze at compiling. We tried restarting it, but now the controller board is making a screeching sound and the BeagleBone will not boot up properly. We would really appreciate it if any knows how to resolve it.


This sounds like a power issue. Are you running off a fully charged set of batteries? What type of batteries are you using?


It is powered using a breadboard station at 9.6 V. We were only able to get the camera working before we tried reuploading the firmware. The BB is not working when it is connected to the controller board. However, it does work when it is separated. We believe it is an issue with the controller board itself.


What is the current capacity of your 9.6 vdc breadboard station power supply?
You really need a power supply of around 3 amps to be on the safe side when testing.


You are correct about the current, it was far lower than 3A. I have stopped testing on the breadboard and will use the batteries that came with the kit. Would you happen to know if there is a way to reset the firmware of the controller board? Currently the board is stuck in some sort of loop in which the Beaglebone will not properly boot up. I have checked that the beaglebone boots properly when connected to a PC and all other components are functional.


Brian is probably going to have to help you here as you will probably have to ssh into the BBB and do a little bit of recovery programming?


After getting a new power supply capable of 3A and replacement of the internal ethernet communication board I was able to boot the controller board and Beaglebone properly. Currently I have steady video capture and everything seems to be nominal. Thank you very much for the help!


Nice, nothing like the sweet smell of success.:slight_smile:


Thank you @TCIII for jumping in and helping with this issue.

@thua I am glad that everything is back up and running.


Hi Brian,
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