[solved] Endcap does not have complete coverage with cement between layers, is that a problem?



Ok, I am new to cementing Acrylic and I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. I have built one of my end caps and it is clear that the cement did not extend uniformly across all of the surfaces. In fact, it was much harder to get complete coverage than I expected. With the battery end caps it felt like I applied too much, now it looks like I have applied too little. In the build instructions the completed end caps look clear. Mine are not, as you can see in the two images below.

This image is angled more towards the light. You can see air pockets and areas where the adhesive covered, but other areas where it looks like it did not cover.

So is this normal? I also cemented all the way around the disks, but again that is harder to do than it sounds.

Any help or advice is appreciated



There was a test done a while back on different end caps and how they test under pressure. There is a blog post about it a while back. It seems like some of the videos and pictures are gone during the transition of the blog/forums.

Based off the photos of your end cap, I believe your E-tube will fail before this end cap will. This end cap looks good. I recommend you go no deeper than 75m just to be safe. For your Etube mostly, your end caps should be able to go deeper even with your acrylic cementing job.


Okay. Hopefully that post has been cleaned up!


Ok, thanks guys. That is very helpful. And the videos worked fine in the blog posting :smile:


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