[solved] Electronics Tube, Popping Open



Hi, I bought a fully assembled 2.7; but I notice that I have problems keeping the Electronics tube end cap in place. Even when fitting into the body and the strap in place the front edge (towards the camera) slowly pops open after a few minutes. Even closing the tube, with the syringe removed doesn`t seem to help…

Any suggestions, I`m worried its going to eventually cause the tube to flood.



Hey James,

I’ve asked support if they can provide some options as well.

Did you pull the vent plug on the end cap out while you closed the tube? You do have to close it all the way so that it is snug. You can hear the air escape as you do so with the vent plug removed. If you don’t remove the plug a slight positive pressure builds up which makes it difficult to actual get the end cap on all the way and to stay on until you have the straps cinched.


Yes I removed the syringe when fitting the end cap and then replaced. Yes, it fits correctly (i.e. all the way in) at first but then over time (on the surface) it slowly pops out.

Was looking at making a frame to go around the front portion of the tube just to hold it in; coz it seems that the strap is kind of biased towards the back of the tube.



Great. Did you soak the straps before cinching them tight? If dry they will expand in the water and get a bit slack, enough to fail holding the end caps tight.


I did tighten them wet, but maybe i`ll give them a good soaking first. Good tip…



I had the same problem with the endcaps on my last build. It is easily popping off, you might have too much lube on the o-rings. Wipe some lube off, remove the vent plugs, push the endcaps on and physically HOLD them together for about 5 minutes until they settle in and set up. Once you’re sure they aren’t going to pop off, then install it in the shell.

It’s worked for me and I haven’t had any further issues.



Guys, thanks for the suggestions.



I had a somewhat similar problem after assembling mine.

I ended up using a vacuum pump to leak test the main tube, and then when done, release the pump until I could remove the suction cup, and slip the syringe plunger back in. This essentially gave me a slight negative pressure inside the main tube, and held everything together.

I’m sure that is probably a no-no for deep diving or something, but I’m not too worried in the 20-30 feet I’ve dove in so far.


Probably what you experience is that as the air inside the tube heats from the electronics, the air expands a bit. My suggestion is to get a vacuum pump and withdraw some of the air inside, as described by @RyanR. I bought the one recommended in the dozuki and it works very nice.


Guys, thanks for all the suggestions…
What worked for me was simply fitting the end cap and placing a weight on it for bout an hour to ‘set’ it in place. Even tightening the strap dry everything stayed in place perfectly.

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