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Hey there,

I made a mistake when glueing the main tubes end caps. Now I want to laser new acrylic parts. I searched through GitHub, but i did not find the options to actually download the dxf files. This may seem like a stupid question, but can somebody show me how to download the cad files?

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Look here: 2.8 Open Source Files


If you go to the main hardware repository page you can download the entire folder as a zip file.


Thanks a lot for the help!

I eventually also found this method, but i would have thought that there is a direct download for individual files too.

As I do not have the opportunity to laser 6mm acryl, would be worth a try to laser two 3mm parts and glue these together, to have the 6mm part (all for the pass through end cap)


GitHub is interesting in the way you have to download files.

The 6mm acrylic piece is the main structural piece to counteract the water pressure. Two pieces of 3mm acrylic laminated together does not provide the same structural support. If you go this route the depth rating of the ROV would be much shallower. I can not say exactly what the new depth rating would be but I would be careful and not take it too deep.


Agree, I now accepted some further delay in order to wait for actual 6mm acryl. I however was only able to source extruded acryl and not the casted one. I feel, as i do not want use the ROV in very deep water, this is acceptable.

I however was wondering, whether the original acrylic pieces from OpenROV went through some tempering after the laser process, i sometimes face (very) small cracks where the cement touches the laser cut parts. Any guesses?


I believe cast acrylic is slightly stronger than extruded acrylic, but the difference should not be enough to worry about.

The sheets do not go through any tempering. The sheets come straight out of the laser cutter and into bags.

We have seen the cracks that you are talking about, and have not seen them to be an issue, but there is more research to be done in this area to have a definite answer.


Perfect, thank you a lot for this valuable information. Again i am very impressed how well the community is organized!


You are welcome. Thank you for the compliment and we are glad to have you as part of our community :smile:

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