[solved] Connecting to wrong OpenROV unit?



A bit of an odd situation, we just finished, and are testing two of the new 2.7 units. When trying to use two 2.7 units simultaneously, our laptops have been able to connect to an OpenROV that they were not physically connected to. When it first happened, I thought it must have been our local wi-fi network allowing us to do it over the network, but then it got really weird when we disabled the wireless network adapters on BOTH computers and it could still happen.

I thought it may have been possible through perhaps the bluetooth adapters, but we disabled all communications devices besides the ethernet adapters, and it still did it! To make matters even more weird, it did it again in the field, where there wasn’t any wi-fi networks, and we still disabled the wi-fi adapters.

Is there a wi-fi adapter inside the new 2,7 units, or in the tenda/homeplug that I am unaware of or something? This is very strange.



Ah! I thought it may have been something like that! I never had that issue with the 2.6’s.

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