[solved] Cockpit issue



Hello All

The ROV was working perfectly and the next day when I tried to run it, I can access the cockpit but the connection delay is always 999+ and there is no video and I can't control anything in the ROV, when I checked the dashboard the status for the cockpit, cloud 9 and network share is "unknown" for all of them, I tried to flash the Beaglebone with the firmware from the SD card and after I finished, I got the same problem as before.

Attached bellow the responses from the cockpit and the dashboard.

Please help me as soon as you can, I have a deadline for an experiment.


145-ROV11.jpg (185 KB) 146-ROV11111.jpg (98.3 KB)


Turned out that upgrading form an earlier version of the release candidate to the latest seemed to fix the issue.

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