[solved] Cockpit is shutting down in mid flight




We are having issues with the cockpit shutting down in mid flight. We will be flying along and suddenly lose connection. When we go to the dashboard it indicates the cockpit is stopped. Starting it in the dashboard brings it back online

Loss of beaglebone while in flight

Can you ssh on to the beaglebone and get the results of the following command and post them as a reply:

cat /var/log/openrov.err.log


We are also reluctant to try an update to arduino with only one bb in stock… It has hung us up before.
We are playing in key largo and there is no easy access to spare beagle bones…



Totally understand, Do you know what version of the software is currently on the ROV?



I am not actually sure. Is there a place in the cockpit that shows the version ?



We installed openrov-flash-2.5.1-36.img on the beagle bone. We did not do a arduino update.



Jon, the setting>update firmware option does not do anything to the beaglebone, it flashes the firmware on the controllerboard. It is safe to use. The firmware on the controllerboard needs to match up with the software running on the beaglebone or you might get flaky motor control.

Can you go ahead and ssh in to the beaglebone and pull the error log file, that should tell us why the cockpit software shutdown.


I logged in and checked and the file was a zero length file. One thing that I noticed is that rootfs is 100% full. Since /opt/openrov is on this filesystem I am wondering if this could be related. After powering the device on today, neither the dashboard nor the cockpit are loading. We are running on the 2GB flash and are considering running off of a 64GB micro SD card instead.


Ah. Well a full filesystem will definitely match the symptoms that you have reported. If it gets you unstuck then yes, by all means drop to a SD card. Note that the larger the SD card, the longer the first boot on the ROV takes as it expands the partition to fit all of the free space. On my 32GB card it took 10 to 15 minutes.

I am a bit worried that the 2GB space if filled. Anything in the /var/www/openrov/photos folder? That is the only place the system should be writing persistent files other than the log folder. It is possible the log folder is full up… go ahead and try removing everything you can from /var/log and let me know how much space you were able to gain back. I have an issue to move the logs to memory instead of disk to prevent them from growing over time… but perhaps the ROV hit the limit already.


There were some zero length photos. I removed them and some backup log files and rebooted and dashboard and cockpit came back online booting off of flash. Just booted off of 32GB micro SD card. Going to try the Arduino firmware update.


Firmware upload to Arduino was successful. We are going to take it down to the doc and fly it and see if there are any issues.


Success !!! We ran for over an hour with no issues… All is well. Still have some questions about the compass but I will work on that.

Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!


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