[solved] clicking noise



Hi together,

at first, the electronics and IMU have been working well until now.

Yet the BB is not booting and I can hear a fine clicking noise (about 3Hz). It sounds like a overcurrent protection in a switching power supply.

The BB alone is working correctly and I have a picture on my screen. Connected to the CB the BB is not booting.

Is there any idea, what happened?



The problem seems to be solved. One of the esc's probably has a defect.

After removing the esc's, all works pretty fine again.


Thanks for the problem report. Have you been able to isolate the ESC causing problems?


Hi Brian, I had installed ESC's from Turnigy not Ezrun. Ezrun is not so popular in Germany, so they are hard to get (Ezrun is ordered now and I'm waiting for)

The next days, I will check the Turnigy ESC's. I Think, one of the devices has a defect.

Without ESC's installed, all works perfect.

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