[solved] Camera only takes one photograph, no live video



I have a problem with the camera of my openROV: when I connect the openROV it seems to take only one photograph right after connecting it, but then it only shows me this one photograph and no live video. Can anyone help me about that?


Hi Carolin

A bit more info would be nice.

What rev of ROV do you have? eg. 2.6

What version of the image?

What are you powering up the ROV with? what kind of batteries or power supply?



the ROV is version 2.6 I just ordered it, it came fully assembled. I am using the software that was already on it, I am not quite sure which one it is, I guess the newest one since we only got the ROV yesterday. I uploaded the image from the MicroSD to the Arduino using the OpenROV cockpit (not sure it was necessary, maybe it was already done, but in any case it didn't work neither before nor afterwards). I am running on batteries and connecting the ROV to my laptop using the ethernet and USB cable. Quick help would be appreciated since I need the ROV Thursday night. Many thanks in advance.




I flashed an older version of the firmware on the Arduino and now it is working. But with the newest version it seems not to be working.



Well that is good to hear that you now have it working.

If you would like to try the latest code the link is below.

There have been others who had some issues getting the Arduino code up-loaded and I know that Brian made changes to the code. You could try to download and burn then SD Card with the latest version 2.5.29, there are two images one is used to burn the image to flash and the other is used to to run the BBB from the SD Card. You can use either one. Once the BBB has the updated code then you can upload the Ardunio code from the cockpit.



Hi Carolin,

The Arduino firmware actually has nothing to do with the camera operation so it seems reflashing it was probably more of a coincidence. You definitely want the firmware that matches the rest of the image that you are using to make sure all features are operational.

If it happens again there are a couple things you can do to troubleshoot the video. First and foremost would be to use the dashboard ( and to then stop and then restart the cockpit service. Doing so will restart the video serving software (mjpeg-streamer) which in most cases restarts the video if is has crashed for some reason.

Definitely let us know if it seems to continue to have video issues. We have an early dev version of a new image that fixes all of the stability issues we are aware of regarding the camera. That should be coming to the early adopter folks soon.


Hi everybody,

Unfortunately I think I was happy a bit too early. I still experience serious problems with the openROV. When I connect it to my laptop, sometimes it is very slow and the frame rate of the video is extremely reduced. Also it takes a very long time for the lights and the servo to react. It completely seems to bring the browser to its knees. As said, sometimes it works fine, but only about one in three times I connect. Network traffic and CPU usage are both only about 30% so I really do not have any explanation for this. I am using firefox as a browser. I know that Chrome is recommended but I cannot use that since it is not allowed in our company. On Internet explorer it doesn't work at all.

Many thanks in advance for your help,



Hi Carolin,

The version of the software that ships with the ROV requires a reasonably powerful computer to drive the browser. There is a key that I believe is enabled on that version, 'f'. If you press it, it should show a frame counter in the upper left. It is trying to update 30 times per second. If it cannot get between 29-30fps, then the computer running the browser is struggling to keep up with the updates. Please note that the browser in that version is single threaded, so it will use 100% of one of the processor cores while leaving the rest of the cpu cores idle.

There were major performance updates made to the 2.5 release referenced above. If you are already running that version and still having these performance issues then please send along some information about what type of computer you are using.

Other things you can do to make the system run faster

In the config.js file:

1) reduce the frames per second being sent from the ROV.. it defaults to 10. Try 5.

2) reduce the resolution of the images being sent. In the old version of the software most of the processing power was going to redrawing the image. Less to draw = less work.


Hi Brian,

many thanks for your reply. I reduced the resolution of the video and for now it works fine. Thanks also for the explanation of the fact that only one processor core is used. I guess that explains why I only see the CPU at about 30%.


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