[SOLVED] Camera freezing / ESC current issue?



I don’t know what else to do. Being a first time ROV user. Heres the problem though. ROV worked perfectly. No issues at all. I’ve been waiting on the props and finally received them today. Installed props, turned on the unit and now the camera is freezing every time I attempt to move the camera up or down. Also, with the divealert app installed and running I get the following error. “Current from ESCs for identical motor operations should not differ much. This may indicate failing or a short in a wire.”


Looks like it freezes when the camera moves. If left alone, there is no freezing.


As a first time ROV user first I would like to welcome you to the community.

There are a couple of things that I can think of with regard to the camera freezing.

First, there is an ongoing issue with camera in high contrast situations pausing. This same freezing has seen with complicated grid patterns (like the tiling on the sides of pools). When the servo moves the camera up or down the image can sometimes become too complicated for it to process and it has issues. If you can run the same test you have been doing where it freezes, but hold a towel or something in front to give it a simple background and not as bright of surrounding light and see if it continues to freeze.

If the camera continues to freeze then it could be a mechanical issue with the wire. I have seen the white wire that connects the camera to the BBB have issues that cause the signal to drop out. If the camera continues to freeze in the above situation you can run a test on the wire. If you remove the camera from the rest of the ROV and then plug it into your laptop you should be able to view the image with a standard webcam viewer. If you play around with the wire see if the video cuts out. If it does cut out then it is more than likely this connecting wire.

With regard to the dive alert you are getting - This software was written very roughly a while ago and does give useful information but it was never dialed in to exact specifications. Sometimes the alerts go off more often than they should. You should check the motors that there is nothing interfering with them. If this problem continues to persist in the water we would love to know about it because the feedback on it is good.


So, it seems the issue is now resolved. You were correct in your assumption about the white wire from the camera to the BBB. I unplugged the wire from the back of the camera and re-seated it/plugged it back in. Looks like it had come out just enough. After doing so, the camera moves up and down without freezing. FPS increased a little as well. I should’ve checked that connection to begin with. Thanks very much!!


I am glad I was able to help you solve your issue. We stand behind our products and are here to help our customers.


Just have to mention, had just the same problem with video freezing. Did a search in the forum, and ended up here. And here as well it was bad contact on the white plug for the camera. Fixed it, and secured it with RTV silicone to prevent movement on the plug. Thanks for the tip.