[SOLVED] Beaglebone boneheaded and backwards


Managed to plug the BBB in 180 degrees out from the directions…plugging Ethernet direct to the BBB I have no communication.

so how much damage did I do and what needs to be replaced?


Oh no!

If you powered up the ROV with the BBB connected backwards to the controller board, you have more than likely destroyed the BBB.

If you take the BBB off of the controller board and try to power it using just the USB cord you can see if any of the lights come on. If none of the lights come on, then it is not going to work.

The controller board and everything else should be ok though.


This seems to have happened on more than one occasion. At the risk of stating the obvious, would it not be a really good idea to put a bright coloured label on the BBBs in the kit, with an arrow and maybe something like “THIS WAY ROUND” :smirk:


I will go back to that instruction step and add a comment to the instructions/photos that the BBB Ethernet port on the BBB needs to line up with the cutout on the end tube…that should help wayward souls like myself!! When I read the troubleshooting notes for lack of communication via the Tenda and the BBB roving lights…{plug the Ethernet cable directly to the BBB and try a “ping”} …I “KNEW” the error of my ways since that was not really possible in the wrong orientation.


I think the problem is that we get very excited during the construction phase and sometimes lose all sense of reason! I think the only way to get round these issues is to learn from other peoples’ mistakes and put huge stickers on things that might go wrong!


@brian @e4andy I appreciate the comments. I have gone back and added another warning and check step in the directions to hopefully avoid others from making this mistake in the future.


ok…(Noob) so I have copied a new image to the BBB I want to confirm I have uploaded the image ok…(Ibook) .leaving the micro SD loaded in the BBB the lights go through a load (?) sequence and after ~20 seconds the BBB goes quiet and then the for lights move back and forth in sequence…I assume this sequence is a good thing.

If remove the USB cable and the SD card the lights just seem to run and run endlessly in some kind of loop…power off again and reloading the SD card the BBB seem to load and I again get the waving led sequence.

so can I plug in the ethernet card and try and ping the BBB just plugged into my mac? I went though this same process last week and then the BBB failed…at a loss as to how to proceed…


I have responded to you via email.

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