[solved] Battery holder broken




I’m just testing that all the build up proccess is OK, when I have realized that one acryclic piece has broken mysteriously :frowning:

I’m afraid that water could touch the metal causing issues with batteries. Any suggestion appart from changing the piece, like using epoxy to somehow fill the piece or so??

Thanks in advance!


If you have not epoxied yet, I suspect you could simply cement the piece back together as the epoxy will make sure everything is water tight.
Anyone else?


Assuming you bought the kit (vs fabricating the parts yourself), I’m sure support can find a way to get you a replacement acrylic part.



Like Brian said, acrylic cementing that part back on will be the best solution. It is meant to hold the O-ring onto the end cap. Careful with using epoxy to reattach it because it may get in the O-Ring channel and cause water to slip past the O-ring. We sell battery tube replacement kits on our webstore as well if you need to change it out.




Thanks for the advice!



@imuguruza, So what did you end up doing?


Hey @badevguru

Sorry for the late response.

In the end, as I didn`t find the broken part, I just filled the broken acrylic piece with epoxy using some cardboard to shape the epoxy.

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