[SOLVED] Arduino Update Errors & Failure to Launch


Hi all,

Having trouble getting the Arduino update…for first time user having just got the cockpit on.

I got this error message half way through update in last 4 lines of the ‘show details’ window:
Searching for avr-objcopy … /usr/share/arduino/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-objcopy
Make failed with code 2
firmware-build.sh: : Compile of the Arduino image failed.
firmware-installfromsource.sh: Building Firmware Failed! Aborting

After disconnecting and restarting the computer and the ROV I now get no response from clicking on the Update Arduino button.
Can work on a PC or MAC if anyone has a solution.
Thnx in advance.


Just for the sake of documentation for future reference this issue was handles through our support channel. This turned out to be the BBB not seated all the way on the controller board. If you have having issues, make sure the boards are pressed together all the way (white arrow in the picture).

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