Solidworks Model


Hi Guys,

For all you Solidworks users, I converted the Inventor files and made a Solidworks 2011 assembly of the ROV.

Right now, I have not included the electronics, as I didn't have models of them.

I also didn't have models for the brushless DC motors, so I used a model of the scorpion motor just as a place holder. I stole the prop from Ben's thruster model.

This will develop over time, but here it is, as it is, for anyone that would find it a time saver.

This is just for convenience of Solidworks users, this isn't a fork or an update.

Best regards,



Nice, Thanks for doing this! I'm mainly a solidworks user and the only thing I use Inventor for is OpenROV :P


Thank you so much! I was thinking of making some vector images of the assembly for instructional purposes, and this definitely will save me some time.


This is an update.


This is super helpful! Thank you!