Solidworks model of Motor


I was recently asked to model the motor (no propeller) in SolidWorks. After having done so the idea came to share my files with anybody else that might find use for them. Please feel free to use them, mini%20motor%20electro%20magnet.SLDPRT mini%20motor%20housing.SLDPRT mini%20motor%20plate.SLDPRT mini%20motor%20shaft%20and%20magnets.SLDPRT mini%20motor.SLDASM

The last file is the full assembly, make sure to download all the files if you want to see the assembly.


Do you have the bearings and top of the rotor as well? This looks great!


(Part 1) Here are three more parts for the model, these are in the new updated assembly which will be in the next post.


(Part 2) Here is the new assembly.