Soldering the motor wires to the DB-25 wires


I am a little uncertain about Guide 4 step 13-20 for the 2.7 version.

It says you are suppose to solder the green, blue and red wires (3 of each wires for each motor) to each motor respectively but I am uncertain because I am not sure if it matters which wire has to be connected to which end of the motor?

Is there a specific order they have to be soldered to each motor or does it not matter? Please help if you can.



We apologize for the confusion. The colors correspond to the motor position:
Green - starboard motor
Blue - vertical motor
Red - port motor

This means that for each motor the same color of wire should be attached to all three leads. The individual colors of the wires that are coming from the motor do not matter. The way a brushless motor works the order does not matter from a hardware standpoint because the direction can be reversed in software.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if this clears up the confusion.