Solder Iron


I am finishing soldering the wires to the 2B-25 connector. I am using a cheap iron and it got me thinking this step may be easier with a different iron. I am a soldering novice, and was wondering if the experts here could provide some insight on the following:

1. What type of soldering iron is requisite for this work (wattage, heat capacity etc.)

2. What type of tip is recommended for this work?

3. What type of solder is recommended (composition ratio, diameter)

4. Is the best way to solder the wire to the 25 connecter by heating the cup with the iron then applying solder?

I apologize for these questions, but am trying to wrap my mind around all of it.





This is a good brand 45W is a good choice.


Hi Charlie:

If you're worried about your soldering skills, spend some time watching videos on youtube, then practice on something that is not your rov- maybe scraps of wire that are left over from the rest of the construction process.

As for irons, Hakko and Weller make good, affordable irons. Anything over 30W should work fine for everything but soldering the ESCs to the controller board. For that, 45W or higher would be better.



Walt is correct. Good to test on something unimportant or inexpensive to get the hang of it. For these kinds of connections the smaller the tip the better. If you want to get serious consider purchasing one of the variable wattage units so you can "dial in" the temperature you like for various applications. These are great if you find yourself making various types of solder connections (like in OpenROV construction) as you can change the temperature for whatever heat sinking situation you have.