Solar Project On A Moveable Platform For The ROV



One Moveable Platform (Sailboat)

Solar Cell Energy Source

440 amp/hr DC Battery Bank

The "Behoovus Project" as I envision it at this time is to provide the use of the

sun's renewable energy to allow extended dives for the ROV at multiple sites for

survey purposes. Emmy and I intend to send DC current down the tether, which

has been generated by an onboard solar system and stored in Sailing Vessel

"Behoovus" 440 amp/hr battery bank. The Solar / Battery side is operational.

The long term objective is to have multiple solar driven survey sites for acquiring

specific underwater data via the use of "OpenROV".

This is our preliminary goal.

filed Nov., 28th, 2013

Albert & Emily Emmons



Nice project ¡¡

Hope to keep on reading about it.



Albert & Emily,

This sounds very exiting. I have similar goals building OpenDyP (

It could be great if we could share experiences.

When you start publishing elements, thanks for pinging me.

Kind regards,



Benoit & Ion,

Good Morning...

Thank You for your kind remarks...

We will present our progress to

all those interested...

Albert & Emily


Seems an ideal add on for the Liquid robotics Wave Glider Or Open Bouy platforms. This could foster more autonomous missions.