Solar/Power Bank Charging


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Does anyone know if Trident can be charged from a Solar Panel or from a Power Pack for when you are away from mains power?

What is the input voltage/ampage needed to charge Trident and what is the capacity of the built in battery?

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My unit is at home right now so can’t double check the specs on the charger but typical chargers like this are in the range of 60-100 Watts and will not be power factor corrected so you will need a 300 Watt inverter minimum due to the high current pulses. I would recommend a pure sine wave inverter, just in case and for longevity.

The charger has a universal input at 120 or 240 VAC, refer to the specs. I would not recommend going direct DC for charging, Lithium batteries can be fickle and not using the supplied charger is a recipe for disaster.

Using a 100 Watt solar panel charging a battery (your inverter attached to the battery) assuming optimal solar conditions it should be more than enough to charge the 95 Wh capacity battery (refer to the specs).


I am also very interested in charging Trident from a nominal 12v supply and suspect there will soon be a way to achieve this.

I have recently purchased a programmable dc-dc battery charger ( for a related project that uses batteries similar to Trident and suspect this charger could also be programmed to suit Trident.

I have easy access to mains power for the time being however I plan to charge Trident from a remote power supply including from solar and other supplies.


Options for charging in a car would also be good. I guess using an inverter would be the way to go in cars too.


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This topic is now being discussed here (Trident off grid charging system)