Solar panel charging


I am thinking about setting up a solar charging capability for my Trident on my sailboat. Does anyone have a recommendation on the number of watt panel I would need to charge a Trident in about 3-4hrs if it was fully discharged? Assuming the panel has full sun. Would having a deep cell battery and inverter be part of the system? Love to hear your thoughts!


Me too…I have just posted a reply on the Solar/Power Bank Charging thread.

This seems like a natural progression for Trident and from a technical point of view I can see no reason that would prevent Trident from being charged from solar panels and a deep cycle battery.

I have not yet calculated minimum or maximum charge rates (are there any experts out there?) however considering typical system losses, I plan to use an existing 250w panel running through a 15A regulator to supply a nominal 100w dc-dc battery charger to comfortably achieve a safe and reliable charge rate.

This is based on a system I am testing for a related project (dc-dc charger and battery pack). Considering the need to boost from occasional low voltage inputs I would expect this 100w charger to provide a minimum 50w of charge without stressing out. I suspect this is likely to be more than adequate for Trident.


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This topic is now being discussed here (Trident off grid charging system)