Softwares Trident and 2.8 : 3D imaging ? Laser : information of distance ? -



Hello, Saturday, July 01st, 2017

I have built an 2.8 Kit, it works well, and I have ordered for a Trident which should be sent very soon :slight_smile: . Fine.

1 So, I have seen a couple of months ago a kind of video showing a 3D survey done with a Trident.It was an object or some rocks Is there still available ?
My purpose is to do the same on archaeological sites to avoid he first dives done by divers.
In the affirmative, does is it possible to get this feature into the software of my Rov 2.8 ?

2 Other thing
I have seen too in a video looking the laser possibility (2.8 kit) to get an information which is written inside the video himself (beside of the red laser light) a distance or an other thing ?
Could you give me any information about that ? Thank you.

Thank you and best Regards