Software Version in eMMC vs latest build


Hi there, can anyone help me as to the differences between the software that came supplied on the internal BBB memory and the latest 2.5-5 image? - Basically i am not sure which would be best to use.

The cockpit GUI on the internally supplied software looks cleaner and i really like the connection delay time indicator in the lower left. But i for some reason i cannot access cloud9 with this version of the software. (perhaps it is a slightly older version?)

However I understand that the 2.5-5 is the very latest build, and cloud9 ide works, but the cockpit GUI doesn't feel as finished as the one supplied.

Also Is there a new build coming out soon that will incorporate all the recent changes (especially the control-loop to maintain heading and depth - this looks amazing)

Hope someone can shed some light.



Here is a link to the change list for the next pending release.

It does dial in the UI a bit more, lots of stability fixes. Mainly waiting on final testing at this point.

As for Cloud9, I will have to look, I was under the impression it was working on the built in version.



2.5-5 image is not a stable release. it is BETA. if u like to fiddle with the code and new feature go for the latest. cloud9 and dashboard does not work simply because in the image, there is no code for it. u need to manually update from github.